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We are Chloe and Julien, two foodies, epicureans, curious and passionate about eating well and living well. A common dream united us from the moment we met: to open our own place!

Respectively from Paris and Thonon-les-bains in France, we met in March 2019 in the wonderful Spanish metropolis of Barcelona. After 3 years of travels and adventures, we decided in December 2021 to come back to Spain to eventually open our restaurant around a common intention: to offer a cuisine from here and abroad, respecting the local soul and culture.

We visited a small and charming place in the heart of La Barceloneta and Myra is born on March 6th 2022...


The logo is an allegory of what Myra is. It was imagined and created to represent different symbols: the planet, nature and the sea.


The planet, because Myra is a world of its own, a haven of peace in the middle of the tumult of Barceloneta, or because Mira (with "i") is a binary star; it is part of a system composed of two stars orbiting around a common center of gravity, a bit like us (two).

The nature, of the branch that surrounds the planet and which is represented by the shape of the y of Myra. This symbol reminds Myra's values: "slow consumption" and respect for the environment.

The sea, because Myra is just a stone's throw from the Mediterranean, and, by a nice coincidence, the star Mira belongs to the constellation of the whale.

Can you see the whale's tail in the M of the logo? And the wave movements of each of the letters?


¡Mira! – “Look” in Spanish. That word that you hear on every corner, that you say to start a sentence without even asking yourself. This expression is meant to attract attention and arouse interest. We change the "i" into a "y" to imitate Julien and Chloé, and here we are.

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